3 issues with Garageband IOS midi editing

Almost finished with my first big Garageband endeavor- well big for me anyway. Much of it is keyboard based, included that classical grand, and hammond instruments. I've come across a couple of stumbling blocks which I hope to get some help with.

  1. I'm having trouble regulating the piano sustain function. I'm getting a lot of sustain in some sections where I haven't used the sustain pedal at all. In midi edit mode, I looked at the line for sustain along the bottom of the track, but it did not indicate that sustain was applied (i.e., there was no gray line along the bottom). Next I closed midi edit window and went back to the grand piano instrument, turned the Sustain slider on and back off and that stopped the sustain on playback. Why should this make any difference when I didn't have the sustain slider-switch on in the first place?

  2. In the midi edit window for a Soul Organ track, I clicked and dragged the line where I wanted the rotary speaker to switch to fast; that made no difference- leslie speed stayed at slow- and yes, I did have the pencil (add/delete notes) turned on (red).

  3. In midi edit mode, if I select multiple points, and apply a change in velocity to all selected points, sometimes it doesn't work (loudness doesn't change).

How is sustain and leslie rate information stored? It's not part of the midi track for the instrument, is it? I thought midi only stored velocity and duration of the key press.

Any tips on editing these features would be greatly appreciated.


  • I guess my issues may be a little obscure...would still appreciate some help if anyone is able...

  • The sustain problem has always baffled me in GarageBand. Hope someone lets us know what’s going on!

  • Good to know it's not just me....

  • edited February 16

    Well, maybe it was just a matter of understanding what those gray lines mean. It seems that they indicate points where the "state" of sustain or rotation is switched on, and the duration of the effect is the length of the gray line. I did have some trouble creating a gray line. In the selected section, it appears that it has to be created at the beginning of the section and can be dragged to the point where you want it to start taking effect. Too bad I couldn't find this explained anywhere in documentation. Or maybe I'm just dense....

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