Mackie mp120/220 Earbuds?

I am thinking of getting these well reviewed earbuds to mix with. Any experiences out there? Thanks!


  • I have a pair for commuter listening. They sound great but not suitable for mixing. Anything under 300 hZ will be too low on playback elsewhere. Boosting to compensate while creating will make things miserable. They’re well tuned to minimize harshness and that’s not good for your high mids at all. The mixes might be too bright using typical iPad synths.

    It’s kind of a barren price point for earbuds. The only earbuds I can recommend to use for mobile mixing are Etymotic ER4XRs. Anything I’ve mixed with with those hasn’t had any problems playing back on anything. You’ll probably need an amp if you mix to a reasonable level. The new, more attractively priced ER3 series are supposedly similar and getting net love.

  • Thanks @jakenext, but disappointing. I have been using Apple earbuds and was hoping for an improvement. Regular has are too uncomfortable for the hours I spend with them. And not every brand is available here in Turkey. How about RHA or Sennheiser? Any experience?

  • Looking at Mackie in ears now. Any experience?

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