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iPhone SE as effects unit, recorder, sequencer?


I have an iPad and an Android phone but was thinking to get a used iPhone SE to have as an effects unit for external synths (using AUM), with some sequencing and recording thrown in?

Does anyone know if the SE has acceptable performance or its limits using AUM? I would be looking to run Audio Damage effects etc.


  • The iPhone SE has more than enough performance to run a full production (dozens of effects), but it only has mono audio input, that limits its usefulness as an FX unit unless you're only planning to input a guitar or single mic.

  • yeah should work fine. hook it up with a CCK and audio interface and you'll be able to do all that.

  • Screen is too small for any proper use imo

  • @Hmtx said:
    yeah should work fine. hook it up with a CCK and audio interface and you'll be able to do all that.


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    I use an se. I run multiple apps on it. Stagelight, beatmaker 2, korg gadget, aum, multiple au synths. Oh yeah grooverider etc, man I have to many to write down, but the se has more then enough power. Also using it with Bluetooth devices like akai lpd8 and roli block. I am as productive on the se as on my iPad.

  • @SevenSystems Input can be stereo with an audio interface, like the Line6 Sonic Port for instance.

    The processor in the SE is comparable to the 2018 non-pro iPad.
    Korg Gadget runs smoothly and works fairly well for recording parts up to 16 bars long in Rosario with some decent amp/mic modeling options.

    AUM is great for using 3rd party fx plugins and recording parts or routing them to a looper.
    It also makes a good field recorder (I like using it with Klevgr Brusfri in this scenario).

    I'd definitely suggest an audio interface if you want stereo input though.

  • I used to do this with my iPhone 4s. I used the CCK, a USB hub, an audio interface and a old-model Korg NanoKontrol. Mapped the sliders (etc) to parameters in my effects apps to the NanoKontrol and never really bothered with the phone's screen. It was set up with AudioBus (v1, I think) and the IAA versions of AUFX:space, AUFX:dub and Crystalline, I think. Thanks for asking this; I need to set this up again!

  • I use a focusrite itrack Dock for my iPad and it also works great with my iPhone se.

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