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Audio Modeling - Prototype of SWAM Cello AUv3 running on iPad,

Wow, looking forward to this 😊

Here is a video showing a prototype of SWAM Cello AUv3 running on iPad, played using EWI-USB through Camelot Pro.


  • These SWAM instruments are amazing. I’m very happy to use them in the ROLI noise app.

    If SWAM will entering the AUv3 Market I will be very excited! 😊

  • Exciting times :)

  • Oh my...this would be an immediate buy of the whole swam collection...

  • oh boy, their plugins are top notch. Hopefully these are as full featured as the desktop plugins. The roli ones aren't quite as deep as I'd hoped.

  • I found this interesting news of SWAM v3 for IOS on their community site:

    Demo of Tenor Sax prototype running as Auv3 in GarageBand:


    admin posted Feb 9 at 5:27 am

    We will release all the SWAM instruments for iPad and iPhone.

    The release date is not fixed in the stone, yet. We hope to be ready before summer.


    admin posted Feb 13 at 6:07 pm

    it will work with any CoreMIDI plug&play compatible device. The EWI-USB is one of such devices.

    it will be: Standalone, AUv3, IAA and AudioBus

    we will probably sell single instruments separately, and make some convenient bundles


    admin posted Apr 13 at 8:47 am

    Hi Sorry if we seem silent... we are really working hard on them.
    What I can say is that we have working versions on SWAM v3 with a draft GUI:

    On Desktop, both macOS and Windows:

    Audio Units, VST, VST3, AAX
    supporting NKS (Native Instruments Komplete Kontrol)

    On iPad:


    We will start the development of the GUI soon.

    Link to source:

  • At last ! Very exciting news :)

  • I am incredibly excited about this! Been waiting so long for Roli to do this through Noise and had no idea that AM would just do it themselves!! 😎

    There is nothing even close to as realistic as the AM horns imho.

  • edited April 26

    It should be great to play them through midi guitar.

  • wooo, is there a release date? i’m so in for this one !

  • gdhgdh
    edited July 2

    This is good news, looking fwd to the apps arrivals this fall and 2020 as per your community announcement.

  • I wonder about the CPU usage , I’ve seen older versions running on early dual core machines ,so hopefully an AIR2 would be suitable

  • Nice. Very keen to ditch the Noise interface and SWAM restrictions, even though I figured out how to bypass them...

  • @TheOriginalPaulB said:
    Nice. Very keen to ditch the Noise interface and SWAM restrictions, even though I figured out how to bypass them...

    Seriously?? You figured out how to bypass them? Can you please share how? :)

  • @TheOriginalPaulB said:
    Nice. Very keen to ditch the Noise interface and SWAM restrictions, even though I figured out how to bypass them...

    Hello, Hello Hello ??? What's all this then? ... you can't just drop something wicked tempting like that without a complete how to...purely for investigatory purposes ... please!!!!

  • I did post a how-to. It’s now been preserved in the wiki.

  • Come on @TheOriginalPaulB hook it up!!! 😎🎢

  • Thanks a lot for sending this! Was hoping for something that didn’t depend on external gear though...

    I’ll go ahead and start saving for these SWAM auv3’s now, I’m sure they will make the Fabfilter bundle look like it’s priced as an appetizer haha.

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