One thing that annoys me about Beathawk...(anyone have a solution?)

Beathawk is a very good, solid app (at least the standalone version). However, I am having a struggle with one thing. I am trying to load a bass one-shot from Leviathan 2 into one of Beathawk's pads, and instead of detecting it as a sample, it detects it as a loop. I've searched the instruction manual for the solution, but there seems to be no way to switch it from loop to sample. I've searched Google for the answer and couldn't find anything.

Does anybody know how to fix this issue? I'd greatly appreciate it.


  • You may have to open the sample in a sample editor and re-export without loop markers.

  • Dang. I was afraid of that, lol. Well, looks like I'm gonna move over to Beatmaker 3 then. Sample Beathawk in there, set up my loop points and zones, and off I go, lol. (It even works great for setting up my DSK Samples!)

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