Launchpad ampify midi confusion

I have had success getting my launch pad controller to work with the IOS launch pad app. However if I try to connect my physical launchpad device as well as another midi device (this case a MPK mini) I am seeing weird things happen.

I am using audiobus with midi, and mapping the MPK mini to something like gadget, DRC, reason etc which works great. But as soon as I add the luanchpad (I think mine is a mini, or which ever one has the controls only on the top and right side) to the mix things bug out.

The MPK still controls the synth I have it assigned to just fine. But the physical launch pad not only controlls the launchpad app, but it is controlling the synth I have mapped to the midi keyboard.

I have tried over and over to separate the devices with a ton of different midi configurations. But nothing seems to work.

Also it might be worth noting that I have this setup:

latest IPAD, and latest IPHONE (usually just use one at a time), which one of these is hooked up to a powered USB hub via the CCK. Connected to the same USB hub I have an Audiobox usb. Then I plugin the launch pad and/or the midi keyboard into the hub.

With this physical configuration I can see all of the devices from within Audiobus, and I can choose any midi channels I want etc. Like I mentioned above the only issue is it appears that the physical launch pad is stomping on everything and sending signals to all apps not just the launch pad app.

I am sure I am missing something simple, but I could really use some help. If anyone has suggestions please let me know.


  • I think the mini Launchpad can only send on midi channel 1. If you set your Synths to different midi channels is the launchpad still affecting them?

  • I’d suggest the same test.

  • By default Gadget is set to receive MIDI form all devices and all channels. Try to set Gadget's MIDI to "advanced" and then you'll be able to choose a MIDI device and channel for every Gadget's mixer channel independently.

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