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ELEVATOR / SynthMaster Player, Soft Drummer

A cool pad from SMP. Piano and bass ported from Kawai MP11se. Addition of iSymphonic Strings and, of course, the remarkable Soft Drummer. The music evolves unexpectedly. Improvisation does that.


  • @LinearLineman
    There you go again. It is so inspiring to hear your uploads for their musicality, expert use of apps & hardware, and just the overall upbeat sensibility you infuse in your music. Thank you!

  • Thank you so much, @scadet. Your kind remarks mean a lot to me! Expert use of apps and hardware is relative. Things are a lot better than when I began nine months ago! This piece was only four tracks, so I could manage. But with more complex projects I still sink in the mud. Thanks again!

  • I have some ideas but I know that advice is a form of criticism. So, only read my input if you are in the proper mood for "advice".

    I'm not trying to be critical but I would like to suggest some ideas that would make your improvisations easier to listen to and gain a larger audience for your considerable talents as a composer of "real time" art. You are a master but your work tends to beat the audience into submission wondering where we are in the overall piece. Its like a movie without a plot... the audience can't really participate in the event. Just wait for something new.

    I think you should make some bass loops of 4,8, or 16 bars and use both hands to improvise. Playing both bass and chords messes up the timing... it's really hard to play at your level and improvise bass and chords/solo at the same time and deliver a perfect performance. Using loops would help you avoid having to lay down 5 minutes of bass.
    Then you could look into mixing up sections and get more surprises into the compositions as there's contrasting sections and a return to something heard before which is always satisfying for the listener.

  • Thanks, @McD, good advice, but in a word, nope. Ultimately this is about my own creative inclinations. I have spent many years, before and after my jazz incarnation sticking to a form. Tunes like Laura, which I posted. Indeed it gets a few more listeners, but not enough to make a significant difference. Oddly my most listened to track has been ALARM, an ambient track based on the cacophonous pianistic polyphony you requested for a piano experiment. Probably my best course would be to label every track ”ambient”!

    As another point of elucidation, I posted a fantastic track by Scott Van Zandt. I was surprised to see it fall off page one with barely a sidelong glance. He does have a reputable following on SoundCloud, but even with his obvious stellar talent and ability he does not get the attention he deserves far more than I.

    So, why flow against my creative river? It is often very surprising and unexpected for me. Much better than a rehash of forms I have visited all too often. Yes, you are correct, my audience will be much smaller, but i’ll always have you!

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