Groovebox to Stagelight - What an amazing Combo!

For anyone like me who really enjoys the simplicity yet the creativity starting of Groovebox, sending all your loops to Stagelight is a dream come true!

I really love how Groovebox names all your exported audio loops as sections with Section number, BPM and Key info! It really makes importing into SL so simple as you recreate the Sections for further editing and for adding other Synths etc! Then recording to timeline.

Makes me really feel that the investment into the Groovebox packs was totally worth it and investment in Stagelight even more worth it.

For anyone looking for a great combo this is amazing!

In my workflow I start with AB3, Midiflow keyboard, Rozeta sending stuff to Groovebox and creating stuff on the go all within AB3! All being recorded into Groovebox.

Amazing what power we now have in our mobile phones or iPads!



  • @Tones4Christ

    This makes me curious about StageLight again, did not try it so far.

    Also have a look at those keyboards:


    and soon, „Xequence AU keys and pads“

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