Ripplemaker and Ruismaker does not start (solved)

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IOS 12.1.4 Iphone 6s

Both products do not start. Anyone finding this problem?


  • All fine here on iPhone 7, iOS 12.1.4.

    Standalone or in which host(s)? IAA or AU? Have you tried restarting your phone?

  • Strange. I just checked on my own devices and everything seems to work ok here.

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    Assuming this is happening within AB: Would you mind sending me some diagnostics? Here’s how: using the latest version of Audiobus, open the system preferences app, then find Audiobus, and turn on Diagnostic Mode. Then open Audiobus, and recreate the problem. Finally, open Audiobus settings, and tap Get Support.

  • Hi

    I deleted the apps and installed again and now all fine!


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