Buffer size set by usb sound card?

I use AUM for hosting FX plugins. The Ipad 2017 with AUM is connected to the internal usb soundcard of my digital Midas MR18 mixer. The buffer size is 1024 frames every time I open AUM and the MR18 is connected. I can lower the buffer size but it goes back to 1024 every time I (re)open AUM. The problem goes away if I disconnect the usb cable, the buffer size stays the same as previously adjusted.
2nd problem is that IOS shuts down AUM after a few hours when the mixer is connected. It seems to be better so far with the mixer disconnected.
Does anyone has similar issues or knows what causes this?


  • I don’t know anything about that interface specifically, but is that like a default buffer size maybe? Maybe there’s control software for windows/Mac that’s how my interface is anyways.

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