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How to route rozetta

I'm trying to have rozetta, any one of the plugins , to adjust the length and position of quanta while I'm playing it...i don't know how! Any help would be awesome..


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    @reasOne I think Doug does a really good job at explaining this with Rozeta LFO and Spacecraft (starting at 3:50):

  • Relatively straightforward- place Quanta in ch1, Rozeta LFO in ch2.
    Press the Midi Routing icon top right and route Rozeta LFO to Midi Control
    Press the menu icon top right and then Midi Control.
    Under Midi Channels Selection ch1 :Quanta
    Select parameters and the select Grain Length
    Set midi ch to 16 (or whatever) and CC to 13 (or whatever )
    Select parameters and the select Grain Position
    Set midi ch to 16 (or whatever) and CC to 14 (or whatever )

    Open Rozeta LFO and at the bottom left set the midi Ch to 16. Set the first LFO to 13 and adjust rate and sync.
    Set the second LFO to CC14 etc
    Press play and that should do it.

    Good luck.

  • @reasOne dm me your email, I’ll send an AUM preset :)

  • @id_23 said:
    @reasOne dm me your email, I’ll send an AUM preset :)

    Sweet! I can message you on ig..

    Also thanks to all for the quick answers!!

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