Vintage Vibe by 4Pockets Video Demo

Vintage Vibe is based on the classic Uni-Vibe effect, it creates some very cool “Leslie Speaker’ style effects, sounds great on guitars or keyboards.


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    This one flew under the radar for me until about 2 weeks ago. It's the only Univibe-style app I've come across and it does the job nicely.

    The thing about the Univibe is that's it's not quite a Leslie imitation and it's not quite a phaser or flanger. It's sort of a combo of both and definitely it's own thing, and Vintage Vibe is a nice recreation of this very specific effect.

    I'm fascinated by software recreations of guitar pedals. Came across something similar with Blamsoft's DC-9 Overdrive, based on the classic Ibanez TS-9 Tube Screamer. Fun to have a software version to muck with.

    Anyway, I dig this one - it definitely needs more attention.

  • @Daveypoo it’s just lush when the depth is high and the rate is real slow

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