Midi Madness VST would kick ass on ios!

See: https://midimadnesssoftware.com

Just found it last night. I love it. It’s like a perfect combination of Xynthesizer’s sequencer, Autony, Cality, and various chord transposition apps.

It would be just about perfect as an iOS AU.

As he’s already got it in AU form, maybe if he received enough polite requests he’d consider porting to IOS?

It’s great at generating bass and rhythm/chord lines to solo/jam over, as well as generating musically coherent lines that can run whilst you fiddle with a synth’s knobs...

Easy to use and understand as well vs a lot of these kinds of things...

Closest I can get on iOS is Autony running into ScaleBud in chord mode then maybe into Arp polypad. An all in one would be amazing.


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