Glistener / Ambient AudioKit Synth1 and iCathedral Organ

An atmospheric NeoSoul Keys improvisation. Augmented with three instances of AK Synth1, iCathedral Organ, and BeatHawk Choir. Loving AK Synth1 @analog_matt! Btw FM Player seems to function in Cubasis.


  • Wow. You are prolific -- banging out the smooth jams! πŸ‘

  • Very inspired and peaceful, I liked this one very much thanks :) BTW your mixing is much better. You could also try now some automation, for example pan movements with piano more in the center at the beginning and moving in a side later when other sounds come in.

  • It's because my stuff is all based on improvisation @analog_matt. I can record half a dozen stretches in an hour and then have fun fleshing them out in midi and adding a few tracks for a week. I knew all those scales would pay off sometime! Thanks for listening!

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