Lemur alternatives?


I am currently a lemur reason but due to lack of updates and removal of the user forum from the liine.net website I am looking to move to a new interface building platform

Are there any alternatives available on iPhone that come close? I know touch osc but I am specifically looking for something that allows for the creation of slightly more complex objects such as modules capable of recording/playing back incoming midi signals


  • wimwim
    edited February 5

    My favorite has always been TB Midi Stuff. But it’s been years since it has been updated. So my recommendation is Midi Designer Pro 2. It’s gawdawful ugly, but rock solid and super capable.

  • A number of my templates rely on being able to change the properties of UI elements from inside the template code/program and although I love TBMidiStuff too, there's still no replacement for Lemur IMHO. Being able to build sequencers and Midi Clock synced controls is another big plus.
    I'd rather keep an old iPad around just for control purposes. The supply of 2nd-hand iPads is safe for the next years and Lemur is stable enough so I don't care too much about how Liine still care about Lemur.

  • wimwim
    edited February 5

    My beef with Lemur is needing to hook it up to a PC to do any really template editing. I like 100% onboard capability.

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