Is It Cool To Post About Our Live Improv Twitch Stream? We Jam Using IOS & portable gear.

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Even the Wednesday stream is broadcast in 1080 using an iPhone.

The Perfect_Glitch_Show is a weekly Radio Show (since 2012!) hosted by several of the members of our local electronic music community.
Every week we set up for an Improv Jam focused on Mobile apps and small, portable music gear, while still utilizing traditional instrumentation. Why? Because that’s all that fits on board the space Shuttle. Rocket Fuel ain’t cheap!

We’ve got all the past episodes and streams from our other projects over on YouTube so of course there’s a link to that

I really enjoy reading the quality posts here and the community here is very helpful. Thanks for checking out this post and feel free to pop over and say hello! We go live every Wednesday & Saturday night at Midnight Central.

Happy Jammin!


  • Nice one, best of luck with it :)

  • The way to go! Keep playin’...

  • Great, live streaming is the way to go eventually I reckon.

    One thing though, the graphic overlay has pretty much prevented me from watching the video. I know there is the urge to make the vid exciting but I'd rather invest in dynamic lighting in the room with only some graphics... or have full on graphics not at the same as the stream. Just my opinion though.

  • Tonight we’re gonna introduce an LZX Vidiot Modular Video Synth Unit into the show! Dr. M will be jamming on his portable mini mobile ios setup.

    The Vidiot is a real interesting video synthesizer, but also can overlay some cool modulations onto video running through the unit.

    Let’s see how it performs under the pressure of space travel!

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