Connecting two guitars and two mics to a Roland Cube Street?

Hey guys

I know that this question isn’t really appropriate to the Audiobus forum, but I got such great help here on a similar topic ( that I dare to ask you guys once again. I hope this is okay.

I have a Roland Cube Street for busking on the streets. It has a 1/4“ XLR mic input (with phantom power, at least I guess this as my mic works perfectly with it, while it is hardly hearable when using it with my iRig 2), a 1/4“ guitar input, and a 1/8“ aux input. While mic and guitar both can be controlled using volume and/or gain knobs, the aux can’t be controlled in any way (except from its source, like a connected iPad).

While this is great for solo performances, it doesn’t allow me to busk together with a friend: although we managed to connect a second guitar through the aux input (by using an iPad with an iRig 2), we couldn’t connect a second mic.

As explained in the other topic (see link above), I want to use a looping app on my iPad to loop both a guitar and my voice, so I need an input interface for my iPad. I’m thinking that the Zoom U-24 could be the right choice for me (or an iRig Pro Duo).

Here’s my question: am I right when assuming that together with the Zoom U-24 I will be able to connect 2 guitars AND 2 mics to the Roland Cube Street? So a guitar and a mic directly to the Cube, and another guitar and mic through the Zoom and iPad to the aux in?

Thanks a lot for helping me, I truly appreciate it, as I have no clue and while traveling around as a backpacker/busker, it’s hard to find a quiet spot to take care of all this. :)

All the best


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