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Beathawk Organ Tonewheel alternative

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My Casio CT-X5000 keyboard does not have a tonewheel…therefore I do not know how to control the pseudo-Leslie effect on the Beathawk organ packs when using Beathawk on my iPad played by the Casio. Any suggestions how I could map a sustain pedal or maybe an expression pedal to control the Leslie effect on Beathawk organ packs? I do not know what midi cc it is that controls it, nor what function/parameter on Beathawk… I have asked in several forums and Facebook groups, also inquired with UVI ...


  • Have you tried Modulation?
    It seems like that CC gets mapped to different effects, depending on the instrument that is loaded. It mostly maps to the Filter, but I noticed it also maps to LFO/vibrato sometimes.

    Also, there are no AU parameters exposed in AUM when I look for them, so that also makes me suspect that they want me to use Modulation.

    I don’t have the Organ packs, but try using the Modulation control on the Pitch page for your instrument. Hopefully it Maps to the Leslie Effect.

  • Thanks—the modulation button does make the fake Leslie sound on some organ patches and not others, but it just simply turns it on and turns it off there’s no gradual speed up speed down like there was using a wheel and when I change sound buttons on my keyboard that changes the function of the modulation button on the app so I’m trying to do something that’s is just not designed to be😔

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