Quantiloop - Getting Started with Looping in iOS

Not a complete guide but I hope it helps someone get started with some looping using Quantiloop.

If anybody has any questions let me know. My plan is to do more quantiloop videos as I improve my looping setup.


  • Awesome. Thanks !!

  • @quantiloop your welcome! More to come!

    Question, any chance a future update to add more midi routing options to AUv3s?

  • Nice one - better than anything else I’ve seen on this app!

  • good stuff.

    So, hey screen recording has a touch indicator now? what's the little yellow dot? are you recording on MacOS or on iOS?

  • On the MIDI control: MIDI control of AU parameters is planned for the next release

  • @Hmtx iOS. It just showed up. Not sure what I did, but I realized I wasn’t on the latest update either so it must have been the last update. It is pretty cool and saves in post edits with highlighting areas.

  • @quantiloop you sir, are awesome!!!!!

  • on MacOS? It doesn't show up for me on iOS 12.1.3

  • @Hmtx so it must be with just Quantiloop. Tested a few other apps and nothing.

    @quantiloop have you added special code to show finger tracking of screen record is enabled? If so, that should be standard code for all music apps.

  • COOL. Definitely should be enabled for all music apps :)

  • Yes this is code embedded in quantiloop ;)

  • @quantiloop said:
    Yes this is code embedded in quantiloop ;)

    @alliOSDevelopers ^^ take notes!!!!!

  • @quantiloop Do you have plans to add more than one Effect slot (AU/App) in the 4 input channels? I would really appreciate this as there is no AU channel Strip as in e.g. Auria available. So I would like to at least add an AU EQ & an AU compressor to polish the incoming audio.

  • @gmslayton Hadn't see this before. Very helpful. Keep suspecting QTL is brilliant but keep not quite getting it. This def. helps. What do you use for the fun rotoscoping effect on the vid?

  • @JohnnyGoodyear rotoscoping as in the comic look? It’s a new feature in Final Cut Pro X. It’s pretty fun.

  • @gmslayton said:
    @JohnnyGoodyear rotoscoping as in the comic look? It’s a new feature in Final Cut Pro X. It’s pretty fun.

    Ah.....shame, not in my toolbox, but a fun thing there.

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