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Constant Crashing Splitter, Gig in Two Days, SOS!

I am having what appears to be a beginner's problem after downloading audiobus3 and midiflow splitter, I am finding that splitter crashes regularly, about every 15-20 minutes. It will crash during preset load, and when I open splitter, the split is not the one I had programmed, and appears to have reset or otherwise been changed. Either that, or it will not work at all, forcing reboot. I am using an iPad Pro, plenty of processing power. I am having no stuttering audio problem, (so latency not a problem?) but radical instability, forcing me to reboot to the iPad.

I have a live gig in two days, and am anxious about rebooting the iPad during performance. The splits and layers are not overly complex or multiple. I must be doing something wrong at the basic level. I have tried swapping camera cables. I have been working with synthesizer apps including Poison, bs-16i, Neo-Soul Keys, and Galileo 2. So far I cannot find any pattern to when the crash will occur. I am using a Nektar Impact GX-49 midi keyboard. Please help save the rock.


  • I can't speak for Johannes (midiflow's developer), but if it were me, I'd first ask for a crash log for Splitter:

    Feel free to email it to me ([email protected]) and I'll pass it along. You never know, maybe the fix can be sorted quickly, or at least a workaround suggested.

  • Thank you! I've sent one of the crash logs your way.

  • Hi, first: sorry for the problem. I looked into the crash report that Michael forwarded. For some reason, I cannot symbolicate the file, so I don't see the line of code where is crashed.

    Is there a way to reproduce the crash? Can you share the preset?

  • wimwim
    edited January 23

    @acy, in case two days is too short a time to find the problem, you may want to check out the AudioVeek Midi Tools AU. It’s only $0.99 right now. I haven’t actually tried it yet, but it does have a similar keyboard split functionality.

    I love the midiflow tools, and also try to avoid introducing new unknown variables, so maybe this isn’t good advice. But trying to fix an intermittent crash on short notice can be a challenge.

  • I appreciate the replies, thanks all -- attention from the developer no less! I have reduced the amounts of restarting, perhaps by using airplane mode, and have more stabilization, though it still crashes for reasons I can't discern. I will try to reproduce the crash and note the presets. Cannot find AudioVeek for IOS.

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