Any plans for a 128 hardware buffer choice?

Now that audiobus will allow 512 frame hardware buffer for slower iPads, any plans for 128 for us IPad 4 users who want to run Jamup without latency issues?


  • While we could do that, there are very few apps that support such low latency yet. Before Audiobus, many apps started at 512 and went up from there.

  • Am I right in thinking that buffer size is not the only factor that affects latency?
    I assume that given the same software, a buffer size of 512 on an iPad 4 will result in a lower latency than a buffer size of 512 on an iPad 2 or 3.

    Or have I misunderstood how this stuff works?

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    Buffer size can be expressed in frames and in milliseconds. So it IS latency. 256 frames are 5 milliseconds, 512 frames are 10 milliseconds, and so on.

    But hardware buffer size is not the ONLY factor that influences overall latency. How fast a device can go from a detecting a touch to creating audio to sending it to the speaker is a matter of multiple factors. Most of it is actually not dependent on CPU but how the audio system is implemented. That's why putting quad-core CPUs in the latest Android phones doesn't change anything about the huge latency experienced on Android.

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