PSA: Don't update to iOS 12.4 if you use apps in AB output slot or IAA apps that use the mic.

auGenX Meets ApeMatrix for some Modular Synth Tests?


  • Cool!

    I've been in somewhat similar 'mood' lately but I've been processing auGenX thru either AudioDamage Grind and/or WaveFolder from the LayR developer and sequencing it with Step PolyArp Unit for some weird noises.

    I've visualised it with the ApeMatrix Oscilloscope in AUM to get a broader understanding of how Grind and WaveFolder mangle the audio and I feel I have a good grip on it for now.

    I'm still in progress of trying to get somewhat predictable results from Replicator 2 from AudioDamage :)
    (This is a bit of 'self discipline' in the form that I will not get a load of new apps until I master what I've already got).

  • @Samu said:
    This is a bit of 'self discipline'... I will not get a load of new apps until I master what I've already got.

    You can probably pull this off. I would only get an App every 18th months... "master" an App?

    I was hoping @gmslayton would do something on ApeMatrix so I can "master" 15% of it this year. I can tell it's deep but I have so much to leave about LFO's, MIDI FX, using Buses, getting a mix out it, making wave files, etc.

    Good job Audio Dabbler. I like your classes.

  • I used to do this kind of stuff on my iphone all the time using PixelWave SpectrumGen and adding filters FX etc.

    @gmslayton Kudos for the demo and the ideas.

  • @McDtracy I plan on doing some more ApeMatrix videos as I learn more about it and come up with interesting ways to use it. I feel like it could be great for live looping since you can easily route audio to different things with a simple click.

    @audiblevideo thanks. I have been trying to get this recorded for a little while, just got around to doing it. I have more ideas for auGenX.

    @Samu I am always in that kind of mood.

    Self discipline is always good but its hard when you have been on an app binge. which is why I don't get as much music done.

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