Live FX very poor performance of Glide function since Audiobus & iOS update


Has anyone tried Live FX since both updates ?

Seems really glitchy mostly when gliding from 2 points with 2 finger tips on the XY pad slows to a glitchy crawl.

Animoog or DM1 in input slot (only one at a time) Live Fx in effects slot and Auria or Multitrack DAW in output slot.

Tried Polysix and its unaffected by Live FX which is strange....I will keep trying different combos.

No other apps in the background.

This is the same on both 256 & 512...on iPad 3.



  • yup, tried DM1 it with auria and everything is fine until i hit the REC button in the Audiobus control panel. then you enter the matrix (super slow motion).

    same setup, iPad 3.

  • Live FX is the only app slowing down my Audiobus workflow.
    Same problem here on iPad 3.

  • Same here on ipad 4. There are random drastic volume increases during the track while going from input slot to MT Daw in output. I haven't tried it in the effects slot.

  • The LiveFX team is investigating, so this is being looked into.

  • same here on ipad 4 and iOS 6.01

  • Thanks for the update Sebastian.

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