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StreamByter Strum, Arpeggiate, Echo script

edited January 2019 in Creations

Here's a script for playing with applying delays to chords.

Small delays sound like strumming.
Medium delays will sound like arpeggiated chords
Tapping with medium-long delays creates echo effects

Every note in the echo plays for the exact length of the original.

Here's a demo:
1. 30 seconds of arpeggiation
2. 30 seconds of strum
3. 30 seconds showing some echoes using Riffer to drive the strummer instance
4. 90 more seconds trying different Patches.

The sounds are from the Noise "Hybrid Acoustic" IAP sound pack and BS-16i for the guitar.

    # SB One Finger "Major Key" Strum, Arp, Echo

      # note     C  C# D  Eb E  F  F# G  Ab A  Bb B
      ASS K00 = -C -4 -C -4 -C -C -4 -C -4 -C -3 -C
      ASS K0C = 07 06 07 06 07 07 06 0A 06 07 06 06
      ASS K18 = C C C C C C C C C C C C
      ASS K24 = 10 0F 0F 0F 0F 10 0F 10 0F 0F 0F 0F
      ASS G1 = 0

    # Transpose Interval (up or down in HEX)
    ASS G1 = 0

    # Or Re-assign Transpose with CC1 input
    # Commented OUT because my controller throws out CC's like crazy. Need to debug.
    # IF M0 == B7
      # MAT G1 = M2 - 40
    # END

    # Delay intervals
    # 10 for Strum
    ASS G3 = 10
    # FA for 250 ms
    # 3E8 for 1 second

    # handle note on/off events
    IF M0 < A0
      # get note index
      MAT I0 = M1 % C

      # add first note
      MAT I1 = M1 + KI0
      MAT I1 = I1 + G1
      SND M0 I1 M2

      # send the input note with the transposition
      MAT I2 = M1 + G1
      SND M0 I2 M2 +DG3

      # add second note
      MAT I0 = I0 + C
      MAT I1 = M1 + KI0
      MAT I1 = I1 + G1
      MAT L0 = G3 * 2
      SND M0 I1 M2 +DL0

      # add thrid note
      MAT I0 = I0 + C
      MAT I1 = M1 + KI0
      MAT I1 = I1 + G1
      MAT L0 = G3 * 3
      SND M0 I1 M2 +DL0

      # add fourth note
      MAT I0 = I0 + C
      MAT I1 = M1 + KI0
      MAT I1 = I1 + G1
      MAT L0 = G3 * 4
      SND M0 I1 M2 +DL0

      NX = XX +B

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