Boderlands granular update

This time I have checked the date before posting. It’s also on their website:

An update is coming in 2019! For news and development updates, please visit

@borderlands_granular on Instagram.


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    ooh!! this looks really nice. I've got to play around more with the live input options in this app.

    From the Instagram post:

    Waterfall input layout⁣

    • overdub level adjustment ⁣⁣
    • semitone pitch control⁣⁣
    • automation ⁣⁣
      = bliss. ⁣⁣
  • The dev told me recently on instagram that he's shooting for the end of this month or possibly beginning of Feb. :)

  • Great News!
    One of my most fave apps in the IOS universe continues to evolve :p

  • Good news indeed.

    Paging Samplr dude, it’s never too late!

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