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Audio players with Ableton Link?


So I am using Audiobus to synchronize a few different midi sessions and I really want to play an audiofile as soon as the midi begins. Ideally I would just like to include Garageband with with the Audiobus session but since it doesn't have Ableton Link, when I hit play in Audiobus the midi waits to be synced, Garageband plays immediately and it ends up on its own beat.

Is the an app that will play an audio file as soon as the first beat is triggered using Ableton Link.

Hope this makes sense!



  • AUM will do it

  • Ableton Link does not "trigger", it rather synchronises the position inside a beat.
    That's why even with the later version 3 which provides start/stop, the linked apps are not forced to start immediately, they'll rather start playback only at the next full bar.
    What you want is most likely MIDI clock because only that provides starting playback instantly at a pre-defined position.

    Which are your "few different MIDI sessions"?

  • Thanks so much for the response. That info really helps. I have two tracks in Xequence that are being routed to AudioKit Synth One and D1.

  • @Connorrr do you have an external midi controller? If so, then with the AudioBus midi-learn IAP, you can set it up to toggle the play buttons for both Xequence and GarageBand. This will also work from an external app that can send midi, such as KB-1.

    Just load Xequence and GarageBand into AudioBus, enter midi learn mode, touch the play button for GarageBand in AudioBus. Then play a note (example C-2, channel 16} from the controller or app. Then do the same for the play button for Xequence. If you’re using another app, such as KB-1 you probably want to host it outside of AudioBus.

    There may be some way to do this by sending the note from Xequence itself, but I haven’t figured out how to make that work yet while Xequence is hosted in AudioBus.

  • Thanks for the response @wim . I'm not using any external midi but I will let you know if I find a work around. Cheers.

  • It doesn’t have to be an external controller. Any app that can send midi to AudioBus will work. KB-1 is such an app. I tested it and it works.

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