Tardigrain & Geoshred Meet Godzilla (I Mean Kawai)

This is new for me. Jazz improvisation combined with granular synthesis and Jordan Rudess' (I cursed myself for buying his apps, now I'm glad!) GroShred.
Two run throughs of the same track but with different Tardigrain moods. In addition, two tracks from Beathawk... An eltrofuckedup bass and some French horns, not sure how I managed the granular but it happened. Cubasis fantastic as always and the Steinberg UR22 allowed me access to the Shigeru grand on the MP11se. It is finally a perfect setup for creating this junk. I am grateful to you guys, @michael, Apple, all the devs and the chance to live on the edge of extinction. Thank you all... now, some Laughin'' With Monk:


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