The Raven Flies Again/RC275 and SMPlayer

A new exploration of the great Ravenscroft app. This time two tracks of the same audio, one EQd basswise, the other trebly. Add SMP Bells and Chord stabs, a touch of Beathawk choirs, mix gingerly in Cubasis and serve cold with a nice Riesling.
( only 4:00, not 12 as indicated)


  • Please consider posting on YouTube so the rest of the world can get hip to this kind of sound... and get a Bandcamp so we can leave a tip. Awesome performance and crazy realism. If I were on soundcould I’d def follow and leave a like but since I can’t, kudos instead B)

  • For the post production I really do endorse the Waves in Cubasis, just the maximiser on the master taking the compression down about 2 % adds some kind of analog warmth and for real grit you can look at Brsfri’s Tape or LP emulator FX. Their noise reducer also is amazing if you do acoustic recordings.

  • The @LinearLineMan is back on the piano bench going full bore!

    It's hard to imagine but I know you can play the piano like this live from your recordings with New Artists Records.

    So many musical ideas packed into 4 minutes. Both hands just tearing it up.

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    @LucidMusicInc. Thanks so much for listening and your praise. I haven't considered Bandcamp... yet. What recommends it? .

    @McDtracy, thanks for being there with so much support. It helps a lot here in lonely Istanbul.

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