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Question from a friend I couldn't answer. He is annoyed at big volume differences in his Pandora feed. As he is an audio engineer, but not (yet) into iOS audio, but knew I was, he was wondering if there was a way to put a limiter or expander after Pandora. I tried to connect it to Audiobus but I'm either doing something wrong or it isn't working. Unlike the music making apps I use, I don't see it as IAA or AU3 in Audiobus, guessing Pandora just isn't set up for it.

Any help is much appreciated.


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    Imho it's intended to not show up in Audiobus/AUM or similiar apps because this would make the streams (instantly) recordable, which is a general nogo.
    You may work around this if the audio interface supports free routing of inputs to virtual channels. This way you can send the main system out to a virtual destination that will show up in those bussing apps and insert whatever processor you like.
    You'll have to mute the original output (or remove it's lane from the output mixer) to not hear both outputs simultanously.

  • That's a good point. hrmm

  • @Telefunky is correct.

    You can do a loopback with the Behringer UMC404HD, I have a video showing how.

    or the iConnectAudio4+ or similar devices allow for loopback virtually.

    Also, the iCA4+ allows streaming audio directly from one device to another. So you could have pandora playing on a computer or other iOS device and route it to the iPad. Its the easiest way to sample too.

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