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iMS-20 clone for Modular

edited December 2013 in Creations

Merry Christmas everybody!

While taking a quick break from recording my soon-to-be available tutorials, I decided to make an attempt at something that @breakyoself mentioned on this thread. His question was whether you could create an iMS-20 clone in Modular. I still say no, but rather than just say no, I decided to give it a try.

It isn't possible to completely recreate all the elements of the MS-20 synth engine, but you can get pretty damn close.

This patch features:

  • 2 Osc - One with PWM and one without. This was done to better replicate the "Ring Mod" on the iMS-20 (which isn't exactly a ring modulator, its an exclusive-or function). Each Osc is split so that the uneffected pitches can be routed into the mixer (Ch. 1 & 2) and also routed to...
  • A boolean XOR function between Osc1 & Osc2. In order to replicate the "RingMod" on Osc2 in the MS-20, you'll have to select the PW wave on OSC1 and the Square Wave on OSC2 then turn up Mixer Channel 3. Get all that?
  • Seperate High Pass and Low Pass filters (the low pass doesn't extend beyond 12k, so that's the highest freq available when it's plugged in)
  • 1 Env Generator routed into both OSC's pitch modulation (which is how the MS-20 is hardwired) and 1 Env Generator controlling the VCA
  • A noise generator
  • 1 LFO
  • 1 Sample and hold module
  • 1 Signal Inverter (so you can flip the ENV generators like are available on the iMS-20 patch panel)

Like I said, it's not really possible to do everything that the MS-20 can do (I've filled up the rack space provided in Modular), and the sound of the oscs and filters isn't really there.

On the plus side, there are plenty of things you can do with this patch that cannot be done on the MS-20 either. For instance, I can use the Env generator to effect ONLY OSC1's pitch or ONLY Osc2's pitch (on the ms-20 it's either both or just OSC2). And there is plenty more than that...

Have a look and play around. If you do something to it and can't figure out how to get it back to original state, just don't save over it and reload the patch!

Just add the file to the modular folder using iTunes file sharing or iFunBox and enjoy! If you have any questions about how to use this thing, feel free to drop them here or message me.

Right Click and save as... Link to Download


  • Wow, this is amazing. Thanks for taking the time and putting this together. Can't wait to load this up and try it out.

  • Thanks @uglykidmoe. On a side note, I opened the link in iCabMobile, then opened the file in Goodreader, and from there I could open it in Modular. With that, it's possible to get it all from an iPad.

  • I copied the link URL, used GoodReader's downloader, it automatically puts last copied item in, the URL, and hit download then "Open In...Modular"

  • Even better. I didn't think to try that. Thanks @JMSexton.

  • If you have iCab, just hold on the link for the popup menu and choose download file. Then use Open In from the download list in iCab. With iCab there shouldn't be any need for any other app since iCab can do both download, and from within the dl manager unpack (most) files and use the Open In function. Just a tip!

  • Nice! Thanks for that @ChrisG.

  • I just opened Modular, made wet sucky noises at the screen for a few seconds and the patch magically appeared in the patch list...

  • edited January 2015

    Great Patch! Thank you!
    I was able to open it with a zip archive app called Zipper.
    Copy url. Then go to Zipper, import, url, paste url, download, go to download folder, open file, tap the share button and open with Modular.

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