Audiobus vs. AUM for MIDI learn

Short version: do you prefer controlling AUM or AB3 with a MIDI controller like NanoKontrol 2? And why?

Long version:

AB3’s new MIDI learn is amazing. So amazing that I bought a Korg NanoKontrol 2 to use with it. I have a question on usage that more experienced folks might be able to help with.

I currently use AB3 to host apps and audio units. Then I send them to AUM for recording, and/or further routing through effects busses etc.

Would you recommend using the NanoKontrol’s faders to contro volume in AUM, or in AB3?

Currently I have the Nanokontrol faders and mute buttons set to control volume and mute in AB3’s mixer.

Then, I have the Solo button set to switch to the app in that channel. Channel 2 is Blocs Wave, for example, so hitting channel 2’s Solo button switches to Blocs.

The channel Record Enable buttons are set to Record Enable in AUM, and the pan knobs are set to control bus-send levels in AUM.

I wonder what the advantages/disadvantages of this approach might be?


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