IAA preset recall with StreamByter AU

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This is a good workaround for non-AU IAA apps which don't support AB statesaving OR you want to work in apeMatrix or AUM with an IAA app and want to recall the preset used next time you boot up.

There are a limited amount of apps which support Program change for presets but they are quite a few of them including some Korg apps, Gestrument Pro, Fugue Machine and many others.

There's a thread here about bank select/PC apps but maybe we need a new list added in this thread.

Save your preset in the IAA app and refer to the way the app accesses them via PC message.

With StreamByter use a script such as:

# send program change 2/ch1 with 2s delay on load
SND C0 01 +D2000

Experiment with the delay amount, add more if necessary. Point the Streambyter AU output to the IAA app. Then when you load the session the IAA preset should load after receiving the PC message.

so in this way if you aren't using your IAA apps as much your AUs because of lack of state saving, StreamByter provides a way of giving them a bit more longevity.

If you have any success (or not) with any apps with this technique please add to this thread :)

SB probably does Bank select too but haven't tried that yet.

The manual which this script shows up as as example is here


working well with Gestrument Pro,
..Gr-16 (bank select for user folders)

...will try and update thread with others


  • That’s a very slick idea you’ve got there. Will be interesting to see how practical it can be.

  • Here's another useful one (from the forum) where you can send Program change messages via midi CC to make it possible to automate preset changes during a session. This would work with AUs too of course if they accepted PCs.

    you could use StepPolyarp unit to send the CCs for example.

    #CC to program change remapper
    #Ch1, CC1 = PC 0 
    #Ch1, CC2 = PC 1 
    #Ch1, CC3 = PC 2 
    #Ch1, CC4 = PC 3 
    #Ch1, CC5 = PC 4 
    #Ch2, CC1 = PC 5 
    #Ch 2, CC2 = PC 6 
    #Ch5, CC5 = PC 24 
    IF MT == B0 # it's a CC 
    IF MC <= 4 # channel is 1 to 5 
    IF M1 <= 5 # CC is 1 to 5 
    IF M2 == 7F # CC full on 
    MAT I0 = 5 * MC # calc PC 
    MAT I0 = I0 + M1
    SND C0 I0 # send PC 
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