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Looking for wave table synth

Nave, WaveGenerator, or WaveMapper?

I like the file size and concept of WaveGenerator. I like the look of Nave. Not sure if I'm that interested in WaveMapper...

Opinions, critiques, issues of any or all 3?


  • Not used the Wolfgang apps but I can say that nave is an awful lot synth for the price. Don't forget Animoog!

  • Yeah have owned Animoog since day one. I love it but was looking for some different options. I just decided on Nave for it's discounted price and great reviews... Holy spit. So many options... can't wait to stop playing with it and start using it for reals.

  • I'd say Nave, WM, and WG in that order. If you can afford it, I'd say get Nave and WM though, since WM is pretty amazing with what can be done with it.

  • I think Nave will satisfy my wave table desires for now. I still have a modular system to build over here so my new purchases on iOS will be minimal. Plus, I've got more apps on my ipad than I do plug-ins for my DAW...

    Time to stop the buying and start the creating!

  • never stops...

  • Animoog is an essential synth IMHO, its sounds, and is capable of sounding like nothing else. Then Nave, I like Wavemapper way more more than Wavegenerator.

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    The one thing I liked about wavegenerTorr was drawing waves, which I could do in Absynth, but then I'd have to switch on my machine :)

    Animoog, Thor, and now I think Nave are topping the list of my favorites.

  • Animoog use The Anisotrope synthesis that is different of Wavetable, use 8 Wavetables One down The other and are read on an X/Y Table in 2 dimension.
    Personally I prefer Animoog that is more complex a new synthesis I know :)

    Inviato da mio iPad usando [URL=]Tapatalk[/URL] 2

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    You can draw your own waves in Addictive Synth by VirSyn

  • @TedBPhx said:

    You can draw your own waves in Addictive Synth by VirSyn

    Thanks for the tip!

  • Nave is the best sounding synth for me BUT... it's also my Nr. 1 crash App from all on my iPad Air. It crashes about at least every 2-3 minutes when i create own patches. After the last crash over 50 well crafted patches are away (seems all patches where i used custom/imported wavetables). Now they are all removed for "int" sounds. F....
    Waldorf support doesn't care about it.... tryed it 2 times. It's my first iPad Synth which i'm going to delete. I would get AddictiveSynth or/and Animoog too. Booth are great and works perfect. Nave was a waste of time and money!

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  • Addictive is a proper name for that app! I can easily while away a few hours enjoying the endless possibilities. The arp function within Addictive is quite excellent in addition to the ability to draw your own waves so easily.

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