Deverbing on ios

So I found this interesting article on de-verbing DIY style using phase inversion and a compressor.

Successfully did it inside AUM

1) Loaded an echoey drum loop I recorded on my iPhone into audioshare

2) loaded the loop file twice on two seperate inputs in AUM

3) on the 2nd instance I use phase invert and rough rider compressor

Really sounded way more natural than a gate or noise filter


  • Interesting technique.
    Another is FAC Transient to cut the reverb tails.

  • I was considering buying it. How useful is it for analoge recordings?

  • @Panthemusicalgoat haven’t used it myself, just watched demos people posted on here and was a bit surprised how it worked.

  • Add brusfri selectively and you've got an even more powerful setup.

  • Cool trick/technique. Thanks for the article link.
    FAC Transient could probably work well in place of the compressor in this setup. Maybe even try both together. Haven’t tried it yet, though, so just an idea.

  • edited January 30

    This is essentially what fac transient is. Not sure how much different an expander or transient processor is but they're similar. Fac transient is really cool. I bought it

  • @Panthemusicalgoat Many many thanks for sharing!
    That was very interesting.

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