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Audiobus as non destructive track option

So I just shelled out $10 for the GarageBand iOS under the account you can record a guitar track without any effects and either add them in on the fly or record at the time but change later on if you wanted. I love this native non destructive ability built into the “new guitar track” to record clean and add later option in GB but I really want to be able to use Bias or any other 3rd party. I’m sure it’s available but I’m just too dense to figure it out or am I just not looking in the right areas of the setup? Did I just waste $10? Thanks in advance to anyone that can help. (Yes I searched the forum but as I said I’m dense}


  • Isn’t GarageBand free?

    And take a look at Tonebridge. It might be what you’re looking for — Audio-Unit-based guitar amp sim:

    Tonebridge Guitar Effects by Ultimate Guitar

  • It was probably $10 for Bias to be used in Garageband.
    Dunno about the latter because I don't use GB, but Multitrack-DAW (Harmonic Dog).
    It does exactly what you want - with Bias inserted as a track effect you listen to the Bias sound while playing/recording, but the audio itself remains the raw signal of the guitar.
    Only if you save the final mix the amp simulation is added into the output.
    Multitrack-DAW is a very efficient and convenient recorder to jam with yourself.

  • looking at the thread's title again suggests that it was about Audiobus to get Bias sound into GB.
    In that case you can set your raw input channel to 2 Audiobus lines and GB into the output of both.
    The second input gets Bias into the middle (effects) slot.
    In GB you should have 2 input channels: the raw sound and the Bias output.

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