Switching presets via midi in Audiobus

This is mentioned as being a feature, but it doesn’t work for me unless I assign a different pad for each preset, which is not that practical obviously. It also takes quite a long time to switch. Has anyone got it to work?


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    The easiest way to do this is:

    1. Create a new blank preset called, “Set List” and use MIDI learn to learn each Audiobus 3 preset you want to include in the set.
    2. Open each preset and MIDI learn the “Set List” preset. You can use the same or different trigger to open the “Set List” preset from each preset in the set list.
    3. To use, open Audiobus 3 and load the preset “Set List” then trigger whatever preset in the set List you want. To go to another preset in the set list, trigger “Set List” then trigger the next desired preset in the list.
    4. You can add and delete presets from the set by adding and deleting triggers in the “Set List” preset.
    5. If you consistently add a trigger to your presets you want to include in a set, you can easily maintain the system.
    6. For multiple set lists, you can copy the original set list and duplicate it.
    7. You’ll need to use the original “Set List” preset or else you’ll have to add a new trigger for the new set list preset in each preset of the new set list. Alternatively you could have a tree structure which has a main “Set List” preset which opens up other set lists. If this is structured in a way that makes sense to you, this might be a good alternative.

    With this setup, you can have as many presets as you want in the list and be able to access the others with just one trigger within each preset. Presets with IAA apps could be problematic if you need to close IAA apps in between preset changes so all AU presets would be easiest to manage.

    The speed of switching would depend upon the number of apps, connections, etc. . . . in a given preset.

  • Or: in each preset, bind the same trigger each time for the next preset you want, so you're chaining then together.

    I'll be adding a previous/next preset action soon (which you'd use in a global profile), but I think that only makes sense to add once I've added more sophisticated preset.

  • Thank you! I will try it out!

  • Also, rather than taking up buttons on a controller, you can use notes in an unused octave, like C-2 or C7.

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