Audiobus version 1.0.2 is live, details inside

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We've just updated Audiobus to version 1.0.2. Here's what's new:

  1. New preferences pane allowing users to choose between a 512 and 256 frame hardware buffer size. (Please choose 512 if you're experiencing stuttering audio. Choose 256 if you want the fastest response time for live play. Only iPad 3, 4 and iPhone 5 default to 256 now, all other devices to 512. More about hardware buffer size below.)
  2. Apps are now sorted alphabetically in the input/output/effects pop-over windows.
  3. New status bar in the Audiobus main screen, showing current hardware buffer size and battery status. We don't want you to run out of juice in the middle of a jam!
  4. Some minor bugfixes.

Find out more about hardware buffer size in this blog post.

preferences pane with hardware buffer size


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