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Turnado and wow on sale

edited December 2013 in General App Discussion

Both on sale now!


  • No sales in US.

  • Also, they don't appear to be discounted mate. :) Will they be on sale tonight?

  • Don't know usual price, but now:

    WOW Filterbox $Aus 5.50

    Turnado $Aus 10.50

  • Hmmmm, I'm going to wait until 1am my time (US Central Timezone) and then ask Sugarbytes if the US will get this special discount as well. (I think the discount is time based. It started in other countries on a Monday, but the US is still in Sunday.)

  • Sorry no links was just a quick heads up from my phone :)

  • Thesys is $Aus 5.49.

    Is this app useful for apps or just external devices?

  • It does work withnappsmas well as internal sounds.

  • Thanks TM2,

    Grabbed Thesys and Wow, they seem interesting to work with.

    Is Turnado purely a performance tool? What is its main purpose?

  • Would have prefered they update the apps with IAA.I NEED Turnado in Cubasis ;-)

  • edited December 2013

    Sh*t! Turnado is FINALLY half off here, and the iTunes store can't process payments! Woe is me. :P (I visited "developer apps", and all the apps seem to be full price there despite the price adjustment on the search page. The US iTunes store must be transitioning.)

    EDIT: It's on sale here.

  • Would of like IAA support for their app

  • If a dev makes a price change during the shut down, people won't be able to purchase the app until the AppStore opens up again on the 27th. Did Apple change that? Or did Sugar Bytes have a brainfart

  • I own Turnado and WOW but I'm wondering if I really need Thesys since I already own StepPolyArp and Genome. Does Thesys offer anything above those other than some performance controls (loop slicing/trigger/reverse)?

  • I deleted Thesys myself, the PC port interface is unusable on iPad mini. It's designed for mouse operation, that's for sure...

  • TheSys can be better controlled if you use the zoom function...almost a necessity. I like it and SPA, but I think TheSys goes deeper.

  • edited December 2013

    So glad I waited. But seriously, glad.

  • @funjunkie27, can you elaborate on how it goes deeper than SPA, other than the performance controls?

  • Just grabbed wow last night. Really nice. I already have turnado. I absolutely love that fact that you can midi learn pretty much everything in these apps!

  • edited December 2013

    @HelixPhoenix - there are more options for performance, modulation, and randomizations are a few that come to mind, but I believe there are others. I like both, but for sheer power, I think TheSys takes it pretty easily.

  • @funjunkie27, thanks for the input. After your insistence I looked over all the screenshots and tutorial videos and decided it's definitely worth owning. It's easy to slam the UI for being a too literal port but it's amazing that they have managed to jam the entire PC version into this port. I'm thoroughly glad to own all three Sugar Bytes apps.

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