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Ipad External Storage, wifi/usb options performance

iPad External Storage

I just posted this on another group but thought it might be a good resource or sticky here for anyone looking, sorry if it’s been done before

Im looking for anyone with experience using external drives and storage with their iPads. I’ve Done some research and it seems like there are either SanDisk ixpand drives which use a lightning port -not keen on this as sometime I’ll be upgrading to usb c iPad, or WiFi drives, and I was wondering if anyone has experience with drives so I know about compatibility And how it is.
‘’I don’t really understand how WiFi drives can be compatible in general - i see people saying some drives have apps to view the files, so don’t you need particular specificallu compatible WiFi drives with apps or are the drives simply picked up in the Files app? Apologies for my ignorance

i want to store lots of comic files, probably cbz, zips, as well as music files project files from Auria waves etc, and my small personal music collection, as well as some backups from apps like scrivener, and video files from my camera, so I really need something that is compatible with all thesE diverse file types. i do use cloud storage but it’s not a valid single backup and is impractically slow at transfers.

So so ideally I’d like a physical connection but I dont know how slow or fast the WiFi drives are at transferring or if there’s a way to read from any drive options yet as lightning connector seems very non future proof.
thank you!


  • I use a WD Passport Wireless Pro since years. For file transfer to and from iPad I use a general app (FileBrowser), not the official WD app. For video streaming to the iPad one can access the Passport Wireless Pro directly with VLC app, and without password (read only).

    Connection problems: there are some, but you learn how to deal with it, meaning you learn what to do when a connection is not instantly established, or when the connection is interrupted. Which happens regularly.

    Speed: that the weakest point of the Passport Wireless Pro. The built-in wireless network card is not made for fast networking. You really can't transfer Gigabytes of data. Takes much too long, with imminent danger of connection drops. Many times I waited for half an hour, an hour, just to read an error message, and start again from zero.

    But in general, the Passport Wireless Pro does work well. It has become an integral part of my iPad when I travel. And with its 2TB storage I never run out of space. Comics, literature, music, tutorials, manuals, etc. is all stored there, the iPads are empty in that regard (and are all the cheapest sort with 16 or 32GB internal storage). And of course the Passport Wireless Pro is the place to store my Auria projects. That was the main reason why I bought this external HD.

    In the coming years I will look for a similar storage device with fast wifi card and SSD.

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