iPad on stage replacing guitar pedals?

Does anybody have any experience using an iPad in a live gig situation instead of a guitar pedal board? I've been asked to fill in with rhythm guitar for a pink floyd tribute charity event and was considering using my iPad with JamUp. I'm curious as to how it sounded, was it via an amp or a direct line into mixing desk and how reliable it was and does it handle external factors like temperature on stage with lights etc

Sorry, not strictly audiobus related but probably the best place to ask as we have users of all apps and musical styles are on here


  • Hi!
    I perform with my ipad 4 and Jamup Pro. I play tenor sax. I use the Apogee Mic into the iPad, then the iPad into a direct box for the house PA. I have also used it with a guitar cabinet. As of yet I've not experienced any problems other than a missed patch change. I'm gearing up to add Loopy into the mix, as well.
    All the best,

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