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Would TC-11 be even better with OPTIONAL separate pitch controller / MIDI input?

Like the title says... would you use the wonderful and groundbreaking TC-11 even more if it had different options for controlling the pitch? (Personally, I don’t use it very much even though it sounds great and is amazing. Upon reflection, ii is probably because i find it difficult to control the pitch. Very possibly this is just user error.)


TC-11 preferences for pitch control.
  1. Please add an optional ribbon controller for pitch.6 votes
    1. Please add optional MIDI note input.
    2. Please leave it just the way it is.


  • Edit: I think i goofed up the poll questions. Meant to put three options, but it’s not possible to edit the poll once it has been posted. Sorry. But the gist is there. You can add your preference in a comment. Thanks!

  • That’s an interesting question. TBH I wonder how far that would go in opening TC-11 for more users. It works great as a self-contained touch instrument. But the current iOS music ecosystem is pushing so hard in the direction of auv3 that adding this kind of functionality might just not be that impactful.

    For some reason my money is on tc data as the better positioned player in that duo in the current environment. The last tc data update is a nice step in the direction I’d like to see the dev exploring.

  • If the above mentioned ideas were somehow to be implemented, it most likely would have to be within a new app... now that I think about it. But it seems like something within the realm of possibility, without being extremely difficult to construct.

    (Well not difficult at all... for me, since I’m not the one who would do it! 😄).

    But (for my use anyway) such features would push TC-11 away from the sound fx, drone-type sounds that are limited compared with the power and potential of the sound engine and touch control. But the pitch ribbon controller could still have modulation sources, just not ALL of them. Think BEBOT or THUMBJAM where the X-axis controls pitch and the Y-axis can control volume, filter cutoff, or the like. Then having the main multi-touch mod screen above it would seem to keep the sound design possibilities, while adding more exact pitch control including MIDI.

    (Just my take on possibly “improving” this already wonderful app. YMMV.)

  • edited December 2018

    TC-11 fills it's particular niche very well - living from modulation and transition.
    The synth engine is a bit on the lofi/grainy side of things, but complements more sophisticated sound generators à la Zeeon in a very useful way.

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