HARDWARE LOOPER: What say you?



  • @JeffChasteen said:
    Ditto for the Ditto.

    The Headrush is also an old favorite, but is probably too limited for your purposes.

    I guess I am not sure what process I want to invest in at this time.

    Several potential buys all for the same ends....just different ways of getting there.

    Making me indecisive in the process.

    Thanks Jeff

  • @RUST( i )K said:

    @Ben said:
    The Digitech Jamman pedal is built like a tank, performs as advertised and you can save your loops to memory cards. I learned on it and still add loops/phrases when the moment grabs me.

    Not heard of this...

    Great more options......

    I use two Digitech Jamman's because they sync with the SDrum as well as each other. Well priced compared to other loopers and with the addition of the footswitches, give me everything I need.

  • Boss Rc 202 or 505. The best hardware loopers.

  • Above my pay grade but I saw it at namm and was all ooooooo

    The 95000 Performance Loop Lab

    Features six mono tracks and one stereo mixdown track per loop. It will record up to 375 minutes and 100 loops with a 16GB Micro SD card and switching between loops is quick and easy.

    The 95000 is housed in a rugged, aluminum, all metal chassis with a control layout that has been optimized for use as both a tabletop and foot-pedal unit. This design ensures that the player can take maximum advantage of the looper’s powerful performance capabilities.

    The 95000 also features a robust I/O including two audio inputs, each capable of handling a microphone (phantom power is included), instrument or unbalanced line input so the unit can readily connect to all sound sources. Left / right outputs, a Monitor out and a Headphone Out are included.

    Quick Specs

    • Import / export .WAV files to MAC or PC via the built-in USB port
    • TAP Button allows you to set loop BPM
    • Quantize or non-quantize (free running) recording modes
    • Speed adjust over a 2-octave range
    • Overdub or punch in / out recording
    • Reverse playback and recording
    • Loop progress may be displayed in Bar/Beat format
    • Expression pedal control over loop volume
    • Left/right outputs, Monitor Out, Headphone Output
    • EHX 9.6DC-500 power supply included
    • Current Draw: 400mA @ 9VDC
    • Dimensions in inches: 12.6(w) x 5.9(l) x 2.6(h)
    • Dimensions in mm: 320(w) x 150(l) x 66(h)
  • I have Boss RC3 in my pedalboard. But I don’t use it since I got Digitech Trio Plus.

    Here is my video how to use it for jamming.

  • @RUST( i )K

    I went down a very similar rabbit hole. started trying to go the cheap route and built up stuff with iPad & controllers. It worked but was a massive pain in the ass setting up all the apps, controllers, etc., every time.

    I needed/wanted midi sync with delays and the ability FSU once it was looped...

    I've tried pretty much every looper, looping set up, etc. out there. I had multiple JamMan XT's all synced to MIDI using a little box called a JamSync. Not stable enough.

    tried the Roland/Boss RC505 and it's a great device, but the sound quality is not the best.

    I'm mostly looping synth drums/percussion, and if you're just looping geetars or synths, I'd recommend the Pigtronix Infinity Looper. Amazing amazing sound quality. but unfortunatly they built in a compressor/limiter that can't be disabled and for percussion, it caused all kinds of headaches.

    Electroharmonix stuff is OK, but the older ones are 16bit and it shows. The newest looks interesting, but again, the lack of being able to FSU on a track level limits it. If they added individual track outs (or if the RC505 allowed individual track outs) it would have been perfect.

    So the I started using the cheap Zoom MSCDR's. While they are not "loop" pedals, all the FX slots that are beat aware (delays, etc.) all share a tempo. AAND many of the delays allow setting delay length in note increments including qtr notes > 4, so you can have like 6 beat delays than then go into .8th delay into reverb into flanger.

    And you can have tails on the delay...

    So you use a delay called the "smooth delay" at the start (it's one delay that you can set to do no filtering, etc. so if FB is 100%, it's now a looper) with tails on. play, turn on delay, record, turn off delay, it's now looping.

    Not a good solution if you need to loop long phrases though...

    I eventually got frustrated and built this:

    It's built around an A&H DB4 mixer that has 4 bar loopers built into each channel plus per channel FX. It sounds AMAZING and allows plenty of ways to FSU once looped.

    I'm feeding each channel with a Zoom pedal I modified so I can activate each unit's main switch with external foot switches.

    Granted, it's a bit over your $200 budget... :)

    Maybe that will give you some ideas...

    But after all is said and done, if I needed a stand-alone looper that can do the most, then it's the RC505 all the way. Add a midi controller to control deeper parameters and it's pretty awesome.

  • Amazing rig dude! wow, you know what is up.

  • @MonkeyDrummer

    Granted, it's a bit over your $200 budget... :)

    The mixer is ~ $2,000 on eBay ;)

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