Cubasis don't see imported wavs in mediabay

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When i import a wav file via ios files in Cubasis it says file imported in mediabay but i can't find the files in the mediabay?

Someone to help or with same experience?

Regards Frenq


  • Cubasis automagically 'sorts' the imported files into their respective folders.
    The imported *.wav files are most likely in /Audio/My audio files/

    Currently there is no way to create folders or sub-folders for user content which can pita once more files get imported or created...

  • The aren't… thanks for your help.

  • Seems to work fine for me.
    There are different ways to get files into Cubasis.
    How are you doing it?
    I can try to copy your preferred method and see if it works or not for me.

  • Hopefully not too far off topic but whilst I don't have any issue importing wavs or mp3s (or Cubasis project files) into Cubasis and into a project, I do sometimes have a problem with midi files. They import into the media MIDI section OK but when I try to import them into a project, an empty midi track is created (set to the default Acoustic Piano) but no midi data appears - no error message either.

    If I look at the midi file in Audioshare, I can see the midi events and even play them but nothing in Cubasis. Some midi file do work so I imagine it has to do with the midi file type. The origin of the files is Magix Music Maker - maybe that has something to do with it as I can import midi files I download OK.

  • @Frenq said:
    The aren't… thanks for your help.

    Are you on current iOS?

  • I'm on the latest ios version...

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    @Frenq try shutting Cubasis down and leave it for a min before starting it up your sample in there now ? ..If not..
    then you could import the sample to AudioShare or TwistedWave and use the ‘open in’ function from there to get your sample/s into cubasis.


  • @RUncELL Thanks will try that.

  • @RUncELL Works like you discribed but restarting Cubasis is a little awkward if i have to do this several times during a project. But thanks again for the solution.

  • That’s good because your samples are actually being imported... after you’ve imported a sample, come out of the audio folder - ie into projects, or mixdown...and then come out of mediabay altogether....wait a few seconds and then go back into mediabay and select the audio folder.. hopefully your sample is there now..

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