What do you expect from a "CHORDS" feature?

We are working on a brand new feature for BLEASS:
here's a preview :

"CHORDS" is a new instrument that will be available in BLEASS' next update
This is a step sequencer where 4 notes chords can be assigned.
It's a way to compose even faster by choosing the tonal and then the chord "type" (triads / 7th chords / minor / diminished / Major...), and then the inversion.

Are there chord-related functionalities that we should focus on in order to better this new instrument?
Thanks for your insights!


  • I like the way chords are entered in ChordPolyPad, it's very fast and flexible and not limited to any preset scale. But it has no sequencer.

  • Make the pads sizeable, so you can have x-y control feature to vary between block chords and hold for arpeggios,
    Some sort of velocity control, legato and staccato, so depending on where and how you trigger and/or hold the pad you get a range of expression, this could also be different inversions of the chord depending where you touch the pad, also more complex chords 5 notes please
    How about a record feature so you can play the notes of the chord as a block or in a desired order and record them in real time and assign to a pad, so you could have several versions of a C major being played, as arpeggio, staccato, sustained etc

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    midi in and midi out

  • +1 for midi out

  • AUv3, strumming, humanising of velocities and timing would all be good. :)

  • @mingxiu said:
    +1 for midi out

    midi OUT will definitely be available (as it is already available for MonoSynth and DrumMachine).
    Yet we are still looking for solutions for midi IN input as it's more an "autochord" than a polyphonic synth

  • How about selectable instruments- so for example you could choose C and guitar for example and get the 5 notes a guitar would play

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    Why stop at 7th chords? Why not more jazz type extensions a la 9ths, 11tths, 13ths?

  • midi in/out and you should be able to create chords by intervals up to 13th chords. option to be able to play the programmed chord diatonic through the scale. midi control of the presets so scrolling through different chord presets via a midi controller while playing.

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    My 2c
    What I love about CPPad is being able to record / and adjust velocity of each note in any given chord.
    If it is fixed velocity for all notes in every chord then I will pass - as it is totally uninspiring way to write / and even more uninspiring to perform :)
    So on CPP - I can record a chord from my midi keyboard, and have each notes velocity being recorded, and adjustable later if needs be.
    And as Trevor suggests, chords by intervals up to 13th chords.

  • I want it exact like Cthulhu.

  • I expect to be able to choose a scale and then have the chords feature give me chords within that scale, like many many other chord features on ios

  • 6th chords
    9th chords

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    I really enjoy the ChordMaps2 app and being able to access a page with chords that go well together is great. Having a similar set of menus to select chords for entry into Bleass would be convenient. You’d have the option of selecting chords and saving them to a user preset. You could then assign each chord in a given user preset to a note, the default could be to automap chords in the preset to an octave. The keys and pads in the sequence data entry would then display the chord name of the active user chord preset for each CHORD instrument.

    It would be even nicer to be able to specify the velocity of each note in the chord for each step in the sequence so you can really dial in your music.

    Being able to use other apps to send MIDI chord data to Bleass would be nice. You’d be able to have a split screen with Bleass and the MIDI chord app so you could enter a sequence of chords into the Bleass sequence.

  • Strum. And various velocity options per note, such as increasing or decreasing per note, higher velocity for 2nd, 3rd, note, etc. And variable randomization of velocity and timing per note.

    Pseudo intelligence for choosing voicings based on leading tones.

  • @wim said:
    Strum. And various velocity options per note, such as increasing or decreasing per note, higher velocity for 2nd, 3rd, note, etc. And variable randomization of velocity and timing per note.

    Pseudo intelligence for choosing voicings based on leading tones.

    I concur wholeheartedly with all of this

  • Thank you all for these great insights! We've made a sum up of all of those ideas on the BLEASS' community forum:

    Maybe some of them might be a bit complex to develop in the short term
    But we are definitely going to take into account most of these great ideas!

    If you happen to have other ideas, feel free to share them! we'll definitely keep on looking into these.

  • I wanted to add - when a chord is played (on a piano etc) every finger does not land at exactly the same time (as well as differing velocity) some chords the notes roll off the root for example.

    I have thought about the ultimate chord app in the past, and imagined (if I could build apps) that each chord slot is a midi recorder, able to record the performance nuances into the chord slot - so recording exactly how the chord was played.
    Then we can use these chords for realistic orchestral/piano/electric piano pieces, as well as good synth drivers.
    One more thing i could hope for is being able to set each note to be a separate midi channel to drive software and hardware.
    I am currently doing this with CPPad running into Reaper, and a live note to midi channel filter

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