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StreamByter Script: Split Rozeta XoX / Rythm to separate midi channels

edited December 2018 in App Tips and Tricks

The StreamByter script Split XoX (script source at Audeonic forum) splits the 8 drums to midi channels 1 - 8 and allows to specify new notes for default and accentuated hits per channel.

The Audiobus preset 'Split XoX':
uses the following midi setup

  • XoX AU instance playing normal and accentuated hits routed into StreamByter AU instance with ‚Split XoX‘ script. The kick and snare are configured to output different notes for normal and accentuated hit, all other channels output Ruismaker default notes.
  • Output of ‚Split XoX‘ routed into StreamByter effect AU filtering for channel 1 routed into SynthDrum Kick
  • Output of ‚Split XoX‘ routed into StreamByter effect AU filtering for channel 2 routed into Ruismaker Noir
  • Output of ‚Split XoX‘ routed into StreamByter effect AU filterung for channel 3-8 routd into Ruismaker

To use the script in another AB sessions, copy 'all' of the StreamByter 'Split XoX' script from this session, load the new session and 'paste all' into the new StreamByter AU instance. Or save the script to an Apple note for later reference.


You can also download an

AUM session

containing the same setup (using AUMs midi channel filter). Just follow the link and use ‚open in‘ AUM. You can save the preset to a 'Split XoX' preset using AUMs preset manager in the top left of the Streambyter AU window to use it in other AUM sessions.


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