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Please allow several audio sources to be mixed

Hi everybody!
Well, I'm into Audiobus too, but hope this app do this too:
I want to play my piano app (IGrand, bs-16i, Grand Piano) together with unrealBook (sheet music display and mp3 playback). Enable two audio sources together at output.
By the way, Audiobus doesn´t have to "scan" audio apps already stored in the IOS device?

Jô Martins


  • Audiobus allows several sources to be mixed. It doesn't really have to 'scan' the iOS device. The OS tells the Audiobus app if there are compatible apps.
  • Just wanted to mention that iOS 5 and iOS 6 differ a bit in this regard in my experience thus far.

    Audiobus on my iPad 3 (iOS 5) will automatically determine which compatible apps are available but my iPod Touch (iOS 6) will only recognize compatible apps if they are already opened.

    Not a big deal but just another hoop to jump through.

    And thanks for Audiobus. I see it being a big boost forward for iOS musicians.
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    Currently, Audiobus needs an Internet connection to load the app database from our servers - once you hook up your Touch to WiFi and fire up Audiobus, it'll grab the database and that'll be sorted.
    Future versions will have the latest version of the database baked in so it works out of the box even without an Internet connection - although you still need Internet to update it, of course.

    And thank you!
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    Thanks for your answer Sebastian anyway, does any of this apps: IK MUltimedia IGrand Piano, Bismark bs-16i, and unrealBook could be compatible soon? I already purchased Audiobus hoping works for me.

  • Well, not exactly. I updated ThumbJam and connected via WiFi but it did not show up as an available resource. Once I activated ThumbJam and Audiobus, it showed up.

    Closing both apps, WiFi, and the iPod, opening Audiobus with WiFi off would not reveal ThumbJam unless I opened it beforehand although the previous compatible apps were available.

    I'm sure these issues will be ironed out soon enough.

    Good luck.

  • EDIT

    Forgot to mention that is the same on the iPad 3 (iOS 5).

  • Well, that wasn't edited in the same post as expected. Sorry.

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    Jô: are you playing the piano app with a MIDI controller? If so you could use Thumbjam (which already supports Audiobus) and has good piano sounds. AFAIK you can mix audio from Thumbjam with music on your iPod without even using Audiobus. Then you could probably have them in the background with your sheet music in the foreground.

    (and if you've never tried Thumbjam before it's freaking awesome!!)

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