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Electron Rthm vs Octa/MPC Live vs Touch + PIONEER Toraiz

Electron Rythm vs Octatrack

MPC Live vs Touch (can both use VST as independent unit from PC)

Where does Pioneer Toraiz rate with you?

Do you have another comparable items?

Sweetwater finance and sales about to end so gotta pull trigger.

Sweetwater is THE BEST SOURCE FOR MUSIC INSTRUMENTS and have the best customer service I have ever encountered. Nordstrom has nothing on them! Amazing company and staff!

Please don’t give me YT links. I have seen near all.

Want some “real use-real talk” on these things from people who really know. 🤗

Main Differences or focus points a potential buyer should consider?


  • Rythm, hands down. Especially with the new dual osc synth. The sequencer kicks ass over anything else out there. And the individual outputs is vital to pro-use or routing to FX/mixer channels.

    And the fact you can get them this cheap is criminal!

    Less that $900!!!

  • Don't bother with the Toraiz...I don't think Pioneer is doing a good job of supporting what should be a premiere sampler and groove box...I was going to get one before I opted for the Octatrack. I'd go for a piece of Elektron kit...but it's not for everyone...the MPC Live looks grand as well...but I'm not too familiar with it.

    @MonkeyDrummer What's with all the monkey business :)

  • Rytm vs OT:
    If you like synthesised drums there is nothing that comes close to Rytm. But moving samples in/out isn't great, hopefully will get better once overbridge is out (late for 2 years now).
    OT if you're more into loop mangling. Easy file transferring as is, but it won't benefit from overbridge if desktop integration is important to you. Big advantage is the midi seq if driving external synths is desired - 8 channels of elektron magic, the seq in Rytm can only be used internally.
    I would consider Digitakt - it's kinda between these two for half price.
    Sample engine from Rytm (without the synth engine), newer better sounding FX, overbridge once released (this will be getting overbridge functionality first, already in beta),
    midi seq.
    Touch vs Live:
    Not comparable. Touch is a controller only, Live is controller + sampler + midi seq.
    Live is probably the closest to a DAW in the box. If linear arrangement is your preferred way, than definitely Live, Elektron boxes are limited to pattern based stuff. + battery + ableton link

  • Kicking these tires nice and good....

    Can’t say i blame you though, i’ve bought and sold so much.

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