Apematrix copying between each of the 3 matrices

Are you able to copy the setup from Matrix 1 to 2 etc? Cant seem to find the ability to do this


  • I haven’t seen that. Be interesting if you could. Depending on what you’re doing, the new mixer send/receive AU might help you out.

  • No you can't do this yet, but might be worth requesting the feature. I'd like to see importing of different Matrices as templates though.

  • Thanks both - hopefully a new feature - the templates is a good idea. Not got my head around it sufficiently to know if mixer au send will help although I presume it could send an AU to a different set of FX patches on a different matrix

  • Yeah you can send the audio through the mixer AUs to the other matrices, just like you already can with the built in A/B buses

  • Nice one - will give it a go

  • Is there a way to record synced perfect loops?

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