StageLight 4 for iOS Tutorial - Deep Editing & Programming the Drum Machine

You can do some really deep editing and automation with the Drum Machine in StageLight


  • Nice! Looks like SL will finally do the trick for me. I wish AUv3 drums had evolved faster. But ‘twasn’t meant to be.

  • @realdawei Yes, I keep being amazed at the the things it can do

  • Some unwarranted negative comments on YouTube. This is a great app and thanks to Doug, I’m finding my way around it. ,

  • @Telstar5 Yes, you do get the strange comments on YouTube😂, I think many of them are from people who don’t really know what it is, they don’t realise it’s been around for a long time and already has a huge user base across all platforms, in itself a remarkable achievement

  • @thesoundtestroom : Also though this app is just now getting a sampler which is surprising being that it’s been around so long. But they’ve never encountered a community like this I don’t think and dare I say that AF has perhaps indeed encouraged them to kick it up a notch? At the moment you’re pretty much the sole source of getting around on this thing and we all appreciate it. I think it’s gonna supplant Gadget, at least for me. And it’ll be a good while until NS2 arrives fully formed w audio tracks etc. I think this is the one. Also I have no idea how you find your way around all these apps so quickly. Best to you in the upcoming year.

  • Many of the color choices are a liability, but the workflow more than makes up for it.

  • @realdawei said:
    Many of the color choices are a liability, but the workflow more than makes up for it.

    Yeah, I bet you anything they’ll completely redesign the GUI on SL 5 . They’ve already done it once in SL3.

  • I've run into problems trying to automate additional parameters, say adding reverb on a specific snare hit. It allows me to add the additional parameter (including au parameters) but when I go to automate, there's no "graph" per step and trying to use the paint tool crashes the app every time. Any ideas?

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