Intro Sale: The Alchemy PowerPack (for Logic) by PlugInGuru

I thought some of you might be interested in this... $19.50

This new library brings all of this to your synth programing experience with Alchemy:

• 370 SOURCE files – so you can quickly load a sample map into an Oscillator without having to use “Import Audio”. Maps load quickly so making patches or adding a sample map (piano, bells, pad, guitar, voice) to an existing patch is possible in lightning speed!

• 32 Effect Presets with LONG names that describe the effects used in the chain. Some chains are over 7 effects in a row!

• ALL of my original patches I created for the Camel Audio version of Alchemy are in this PowerPack. Patch #1 when you call up Alchemy was a patch called “A Forest Gnome Dancing”. That was one of over 30 patches created by yours truly. I didn’t sell them to Apple (they asked) so this is the 1st time they are available for Alchemy!

• 110 Patches using the 106 samples found in my MegaMagic: Dreams sample library in Alchemy and EXS24 formats. These are very unique samples that have 12+ seconds of reverb recorded into most of the samples. It makes for a very unique sound and makes these playable across the whole keyboard even though they are just a single sample.

• a 1 HOUR 3-part Video Tutorial. I will upload Part 1 to YouTube but “Part 2: The Oscillator” and “Part 3: Patch From Scratch” are only available by purchasing this PowerPack or by purchasing just the VIDEO without the patches.

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